TWL Summary

Few weeks we didnt come with reports from TWL league. Currently we are in 2nd place with 3 wins and 1 lose. Lets look at opponents which we faced during season. Unfortunatly i dont remeber most of line-ups but if im not wrong, everybody from - Team Exit - played. Now we r looking for last 2 matches. if we will win one of them we will be in play-off. Quick reports:

1st. week: - Team - vs. ENVISION
We had new server which was really fucking bad. When u r playing with 4 seconds lag spikes, its unplayable. But same problem have enemy so it wasnt ofcourse main factor of our lose.
We made some line-up changes right before match and everybody played like on public. Anyway we lose on Collapsed Tunnel 6-4 and after we knew that we already lose we just give them win 7-3 on HQ Raid.

2nd. week: - Team - vs. Knights of the Round Table
SF CSAR and Weapons Cache are our best maps so we expect win.
Unfortunatly there was again little problems with line-up but we was able to take this match for us. We won SF CSAR 7-3 but lose Weapons Cache 4-6.

3rd. week: - Team - vs. PrimeTeam
Stupid low opponent on Insurgent Camp got pwned. 7-3 for us only with some luck they won this 3 rounds. We did great templay on this map. They were terrible even they tried to
restart tournament after they lose one round :(
Border wasnt our map and we wasnt prepared really good. After loosing 3 rounds in Defence we just started playing and want 4 rounds in row (2 in assault) which give us win. Than we pubbed (which was mistake) for 4-6.

4th. week: - Team - vs. vs. Paras a Ryhma
First map was Dusk and there with some nice templay we roll them 7-3. On hospital they was able take only 2 rounds so final score 15-5.
I have to say that we r finally playing like a team which give us big win over this opponent. Great job here guys. week: - Team - vs. New Generation
Upcoming match which will be played next sunday on maps Pipeline, and Urban Assault. If we will manage win, we have play-off spot. vypadá hrozně vypadá hrozně :( ale jinak dobrá práce kluci, tak zase ve finále třeba, ne? :D


Nice report Fixie!

btw. Fuck of twl rules:-D

btw. Fuck of twl rules:-D


true G :D

twl is shit

ventrilo :) vaše ventrilo

zdravim lidičky jabber nemam... ale koukal jsem do vašich newsek že máte ventrilo 2.3.0... s kamošema shanime server byly by jsme vděčni kdyby jste nam daly heslo a jednu místnost ?:) kdyztak napište mi na email prosim co nejdřive děkuji mockrát